Smallest baby ive seen yet

Boob egg baby. Didnt think it would go to term honestly. And seemed to have weak veins towards the end. More so then it should have, so i was sure it was on its way out. Poked its head out on day 55 with its siblings.
Currently just waiting for it to finish absorbing its yolk and then can get a very anticipated weight! Im guessing 10-15 grams


That’s crazy, I wouldn’t think it would be that small! The smallest healthy runt I had was 32g and I thought that was small! Hope it is healthy, pic looks good so far. Best wishes for the little baby. For sure want a update on weight!


Whenever its out i will update with weight! There is another runt, but the other looks about twice this size. Im blown away at the size, to say the least


I just hatched a small one at 26grams.
didn’t really absorb the yolk in the end and there was a weird fleshy mass attached to it so it looks like mine was originally supposed to be twins but one failed to grow after a point. Really weak after hatching. after being assist fed a pinky, he bounced back and now I’m waiting to see him eat on his own.

Good luck on the little one!


Not the baby i posted, but its sibling who crawled out last night.
They both seem to be behind in development compared to the remaining 7 of the clutch who are normal sized.
And i appreciate the feedback! They will both be receiving some much needed TLC.
Dont midn the blue on my hands, its dye from baking lmao.


I had a boob egg in my first clutch. It wasn’t terribly small an area that was uncalcified but the baby did come out about 15 to 20 grams smaller than it’s clutch mates. The next clutch that should pip next week, has two boob eggs that look just about the same as yours. I am very curious to see how they come out. I’ll be following you on the little ones and best of luck to you with them.


It is small, but from the pic I am not seeing a super undeveloped snake, no pinhead look or anything anyway. Hope it does great for ya! I hope the smaller one is doing good absorbing as much nutrients as it can still! Fingers crossed for ya!


Hey, maybe I found where mine’s twin went…
Pictured with sibling from the same clutch.


I have a tiny corn snake from an egg like that. It had a failed twin, which was attached to the uncalcified area. It hatched at about 1/2 - 1/3 the weight of siblings and seems healthy. It hasn’t eaten yet though. It gets another offering today.

I hope your little one comes out healthy, though small. Tiny and mighty!


Original baby i posted is working on getting out of the egg! It looks a bit shaky, but may be able to get a weight tonight!


Unfortunately it is a pinhead baby. And its extremely tiny. So it was moved to a smaller, seperate container away from its siblings. The other boob egg baby though is 23 grams!


Awwwww… So smol!
I think the only reason mine weighed in at 26g was because I assist fed it a pinky in day 3 as soon as the umbilicus and yolk dropped. I was going to cut it that day but nature did it’s thing.

Sorry for your loss. I hope the little ones you still have will settle in and start off well for you

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I had an extreme boob egg last year @ 19 grams but feisty as all hell, a couple assist feeds and she took off. Now she eats like a boa and basically same size as others. This year had another(diff pairing) @ 23 grams, still hasn’t had it’s 1st shed yet but was 1st in it’s group to feed and hasn’t skipped an offering. No deformities on either just super small. Good luck


Just hatched this 35 g baby Panda Pied this summer but she was the first to eat to my surprise!! Thank God!