Smashed egg in tub

Has anyone seen this before? She didn’t have any out when I left this morning. When I came home to her wrapped around 6 good eggs 2 slugs and a smashed one. I’ve never encountered this before

Thats sad, cant tell from the pic but maybe it had a weak spot and she laid on top of it while kicking the slugs out.

Never had this happen before but it makes me wonder if something similar to this Ever had this happen? happened.

I had a girl that it seemed like she had popped hers as she was laying them just this year. Never seen anything like it. Not sure if that might have been what happened with your girl. Do your other eggs have a different look or feel to them? All but one of the rest of the eggs went bad, not sure if that was from sitting in the egg goo or if it was just weak eggs.

They felt “slimy” but just thought it was from the smashed egg. All look good and have strong veins with the exception of one. We’ll see I guess

yeah mine felt slimy to, wiped them off before putting in the egg box. Hope your eggs do better than mine did.