Smooth Sided Toad Lethargy?

My boyfriend recently bought a smooth sided toad. He was very active before and had been eating a lot. The past two days we have noticed he started secreting bufotoxin almost constantly (smaller amounts) and has been very lethargic. We have not added any new stressors to the environment so he shouldn’t feel threatened. Usually he’d make little puffs of air and click his mouth if you touched him or would hop away, recently he’s just been slowly waddling away or staying put. Sadly there’s not much information on these guys besides how to care for them. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience or maybe an idea of what’s going on?

Immediately take him to a herp specialized vet, it could be a problem and bring a fresh fecal sample to check for parasites. If you need to you can refrigerate (not freeze) it to make it last longer. If you don’t have a local herp vet you can find one on the ARAV website. I do have a few questions that might help diagnose the problem and the vet might also want to know. How long have you had him for? What have you been feeding him? Where did you get him from and do you know if he was WC or CB? Can you add a picture of the enclosure? These should help diagnose the problem and it would be good to write down for when you go to the vet.