Snails, anyone?

Yesterday, during a rainy bit, I found a snail crawling across the sidewalk. It has a very pretty shell, so I stuck it in my pocket. (I know, right?) My daughter has been asking for a new pet, so I gave her the snail. Cheap dad! She put it in a little Chinese takeout container w some collard greens… this morning, we have a few egg clusters in there!

So, what to do? Anyone here grow snails? Will they hatch? Can I do anything to help that along? Seems like a fun project!


I’d set up a little tank, some substrate, a hide etc. That’s what my giant African land snail has! Your snail should be happy then. Make sure kept moist. I usually mist daily :blush:
My daughters had a ‘slug’ as a pet for a while :joy: it got released after a few weeks but she looked after it very well and kept going out to get it food and made sure was wet all on her own (She’s 5/6 in June) :sweat_smile:


So, is this a milk snail? It’s listed as an invasive species in parts of the USA, just not yet Michigan. Looks sim, to me…