Snake has a burn

I had my setup with a temp timer so it shut off when to hot but something happened and I didn’t noticed it soon enough, it stopped working properly after I had moved the tub, now my poor snake as a burn, it’s not serious burn and I started to treat it but I feel terrible, How long for it should start to heal?

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Can you show us some pictures of the snake and burns? So that we can better judge what to do. I don’t know anything about healing burns so I can’t give any further advice.

I would recommend that you take your snake to the vet. And as far as helping to treat the burn, betadine acts as an antiseptic which is what helps prevent the infection of the burn. For more information: @stewart_reptiles @nathan_e and @eaglereptiles

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Burns often get worse before they get better, with limited information it’s hard to evaluate.

First thing first unplugged your uth until you can at least get a dimmer than a RELIABLE thermostat.

Remove the current bedding and replace by unprinted news paper or kraft paper or paper towel.

Depending on the extent again (little info here) treatment will vary from Silver Sulfadiazine to injectable antibiotics to prevent infection (which in this case will require a QUALIFIED exotic vet) or both.

Based on extent do not worry about feeding and limit stress.

Note: betadine cleans however it’s really all it does and in the case of a burn it’s not enough.


Sorry just saw my responses, it’s mainly on his tail end, it’s reddish, I have fixed the problem so it shouldn’t happen again

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