Snake injured

My little guy was scratched or bitten by a rat but i didnt notice until today as I didnt want to bother him after feeding. Here are some pictures. What if anything should I do to treat the wound?



I’m not experienced with ball pythons but what are your temps and humidity and do you have pictures of your enclosure? I’d move him into a plastic bin with paper towels to monitor him and keep the wound clean. If it starts to become infected or you’re worried about it you should take him to an exotic reptiles vet. There’s probably something you can treat it with though I’m not sure what it is. You might want to give him a bath and clean the wound but I’d wait for more experienced input before trying that.
I can’t tell from the pictures, did it break the skin? If it didn’t you probably don’t have to worry about it.

Thx thats a good idea to move him into a bin for now

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You can treat a wound with that with your standard triple antibiotic ointment we use for cuts and scrapes. You do need to read the ingredients and make sure no added painkiller like lidocaine as that is toxic to them. But antibiotic ointment without added painkillers will do fine smear a small amount on every day or so for awhile. He should be fine.

Just keep everything overly clean for a couple weeks and maybe give him a week or 2 off feeding.

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so original neosporin? and treat it like a cut that you or I would have?

Neosporin has painkillers in it to my knowledge. Just standard triple antibiotic ointment.

not seeing any pain killer


Yep, that is the stuff you want. Just 3 simple ingredients.

ok thx every1. Im such an idiot giving that size of a rat to a small snake

I wouldn’t beat yourself up. But in reality when feeding live you need to pay attention to any size Iive rat. I feed live as well but any size rat can injure a snake.


I don’t see any added painkiller either. Looks good!

Its possible he injured himself. At night he climbs around the top lip sometimes when its close to feeding day. I have heard him fall a couple times.

I might look into a nice tub and get him out of the aquarium


When my Acky monitor arrived with an injured toe, my vet had me soak him in warm water with enough Betadine to make it the color of tea. Might be a good way to clean the wound.

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