Snake Racks?

Been looking to start a collection. Just not quite sure were to get or find a good starting rack. Any help would be appreicated!

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You don’t have to buy a rack just for the rack itself if you have a little time and effort: some are very easy to build with little to no experience. Videos like this on youtube for simple PVC rack systems:

Videos on temperature, thermostats and more in depth builds:

Plenty of videos online but I would highly recommend you take a look at Animal Plastics to build (alright prices for racks themselves but not sure about shipping costs) for beginning :

and also Reptile Basics:

If you want to get serious and have TOP OF THE LINE racks, by far the best (in MY opinion) are Freedom Breeders:

All about time vs money if you want to build or to buy and have shipped but like I said plenty of videos on youtube to build and to go in depth

Best of luck and I know you can do it :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks. I have looked at some stuff on reptile basics. But i’m not quite sure which tubs are good for juveniles and adults? Same with heating. I don’t know how to set all that up.

If you look on the second video link (olympus reptiles) and start at the 8:00 minute mark, he touches on this with back heating for juves and underneath heat for adults and you can see the heat tape he actually uses. In the first link I sent you for ‘apcages’ you have the option of adding the heat source (of either back heating tape or the underneath heating tape). I hope this helps but there’s no such thing as too much research! :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

If you still don’t find what you’re looking for I suggest to go to your nearest repticon or any reptile convention (whenever the next one may be) and talk one on one to someone who sells racks or storage for snakes (Heck, prolly even buy one there is you can) and they will more than likely help you with the run down since you’ll be collecting and not necessarily to breed and sell.

Hope this all helps!

What do you plan to keep? That will determine the rack to get. We use 95% reptile basics racks at our facility.