Snake/Reptile Cakes/Desserts

For my birthday which was two days ago. My sister and my mom made me a wonderful cake that looked like my snake, Kai. It absolutely took my breath away because I had no idea they were going to attempt this. Plus it turned out great.

He’s a real photo of Kai for reference

If you guys have any reptile themed cakes please share them here. For the love of reptiles :heart::snake::lizard::heart:


Love it :grin:

It’s a bit late but Happy birthday Riley :tada:

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Thank you :grin:

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If I can remember, I will try and pull the pics of the tortoise cake I made for my youngest on her last birthday


Hey happy belated birthday to you man. Thats a nice serpent of sweets. Hope you enjoyed it!! @lumpy

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Thanks @beast-blade-wolf_987

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