Snake shedding crafts

Hi! My name is steph, I’ve always loved reptiles and recently took on some diy crafts as a stress reliever. I made some cool coasters out of some snake skin shedding. If anyone would like to donate some snake skin shedding. Please let me know! I’d highly appreciate it!

Instagram: exoticcrafts222
Etsy: exoticcrafts222


I’d love to donate next time my bp sheds. It’ll probably be a month or two, but whenever I can I’d like to help out. How can I donate?

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Hi!! You could ship it through USPS. It’s the cheapest way 🥹 i could send you a video of the coasters i make with it!


Very cool, what do you use to seal them?

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I use a spray adhesive to get the shedding to stick to the wood or ceramic coaster i use and then i seal it with resin :slight_smile: i just did this one with wood


I have a couple sheds if you want them

Please! That would be awesome! I would appreciate it so much

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Message me your address

Oh these are cool!!! Have you played around with strictly resin coasters??? I made xmas ornaments this year using little horse shoes akdnpics of my friends horses. They turned out pretty darn good.