Snake skin found under house

I found this snake skin under my house can anyone help me identify what kind of snake it is or if its harmful in anyway its 47 in long if it helps

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Where exactly do you live? That will help narrow it down.

Smithville tn

It looks like it is probably from an Eastern rat snake. Could potentially be from a gray rat snake too. I compared it to my pet Eastern rat snakes sheds and it looks to be the same.

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Ok thank you everything I’m seeing says its non venomous and that’s most important again thank you!


The easiest way to tell if a snake’s venomous is to see if it has a triangular head, look up pictures of venomous and nonvenomous snakes and you’ll instantly be able to tell if the snake skin is venomous or not.


Not all venomous snakes have an arrow shaped head. Vipers do, but elapids do not. That also reminds me of the false fact that snakes with slit pupils are venomous and those with round pupils are not. The venomous snakes in their range are all vipers, but many other places have ones like the coral snake.


Right like you stated not all venomous snakes have slit pupils

BI for reference; non-venomous with slit pupils