Snake storage

Hello all I hope everyone is staying safe! While I’m stuck at home I thought this would be a good time to think about building a snake rack! I am getting into breeding and will probably keep it to six breeders max. Id like some inspiration to see what some of yall have come up with! How do yall like to maintain temperatures in racks that cant be in regulated rooms? I can imagine people have heating pads on every tub, I’ve heard of heat tape but dont know much about it. Whatever I make will end up in my room most likely as im renting a house with a few friends.

That’s one way of building a nice rack there are plenty of different ways people have been successful but if your room gets too cold it might be hard to keep ambient temps high enough even with heat tape you’ll also have to invest in a thermostat to regulate the heat tape

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I actually built 5 of those racks. The only issue with open sided racks is the room has to be warm for them to work right. I ended up closeing in the sides because I couldn’t keep temp in winter. Oh and they are really tall and heavy.

yeah i built something similar and they are super heavy

Isn’t “heavy” good? Do you end up moving these often? Or, is there a concern of them going over when you start pulling drawers out?

Personally I despise heavy things but I’m still a renter so it’s because I hate moving haha.

you and me both. the racks i built easily weight at least 175 plus, but then again its a eight level rack.

I’m deciding if I can afford pvc or have to do melamine but I’m going to copy one color morph mixology’s builds off their website and make a couple racks this summer.

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they do perfectly fine if you go with melamine and they hold up great but the only downside is to move them around, when and if i move out next year im already dreading moving them around. it would probably take me and two friends to move them out but just do whatever youd like because at the end the only thing that matters is that it does the job.

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My recommendation is to buy some pvc sheets it will be lighter than melamine and is also fire retardant.

Cost a little more but did I mention it was lighter? Plus overtime melamine after expending and contracting for years will start to crack as well.

When I first started I built some melamine racks in the basement of my house where my snake room was, never thought I would move but I did, so we had to move the racks from the basement to the main floor moving out than moving in they had to go up one floor in the bonus room. That is when I wished they had been in expended pvc.

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It costs a lottttt more here. I’m aware the quality is better so of course I’d prefer it. Will probably keep my eyes out for deals at some places that sell it. Nice thing is if I get a chance to snatch some up even if I didn’t need it immediately it would be there waiting.

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Check out with your local home depot they have some of the best price on 4 x 8 sheets.


Was just there on lunch doing this exact comparison, as well as picking up extension cords and a soldering kit to rig up some new heat tape tonight.

I’m lucky I have several places that sell pvc and HDPE not too far away. To be honest I just buy pre made stuff now. It’s too time consuming and not always worth it to build my own.

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I have a woodworking shop so ill probably see what I can do out of wood but im renting as well so moving them would be a bear. I can see where plastic/pvc would be ideal.