Snake won't eat and losing weight

Back in April I acquired a Female Normal 100% Het Pied Ball Python. Since then I am having issues with her eating. She was born 11/26/2019 and I acquired her on 4/7/2021 at 860g. Her current weight is 748g. Seller claims she was on live.

I got her to eat 2 times so far. Once on 4/28/2021 (pup rat-live) and on 5/15/2021 (small ASF-live).

I’ve tried the following…

Smaller Tube
Weaned Sized Rat
Pup Sizes Rat (took once)
Small Sized Rat
Adult ASF
Small ASF (took once)
Frozen/Thawed (all sizes)
Chicken Broth
Salmon Oil
Skipping 2 Weeks
Large Mouse
Small Mouse
Paper Towel/ReptiChip
Hide and No Hide

Temps and humidity are perfect. I dont know what else to try. She still has decent body condition but she is losing alot of weight and shows no interest in eating. She seems more scared of the prey. She is super sweet and does not show any signs of being sick. Also note she has pooped and shed after eating both times since I got her but both times the prey was way to small for a snake of her size.

There’s a possibility she is at a pre 1000g wall but I’ve never had this issue before so early. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

As long as her body condition isn’t too bad I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s a good idea to wait a couple weeks after every refusal to reduce stress. What are your specific temps and humidity?


@erie-herps 91-92 deg and humidity ranges from 65-75. 80+ of course for a few days when I change substrate. I’ve also moved her to different shelves in an attempt to see if temp changes would help Top/Mid/Bot. Both times she ate was mid so I have her there for now. Everyone else in my rack eat extremely well.

She has only been in your collection three months. Sometimes they can take quite some time to adjust. Also ball pythons will go on LONG fasts. At this point I wouldn’t be overly concerned it seems like you are trying everything and doing things right. Only thing I didn’t see that you tried which you may have is to try offering prey at a different time of day.

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I did that as well. But your probably right just gotta give her time. At least I did get 2 small meals in there. I have 10 other snakes and have never had this. Still worrisome even though I read about people having this issue all the time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I totally get it! It’s extremely frustrating! I have 40 something ball pythons and someone is always not eating!

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It is something to keep an eye on, I agree with the others if she misses a feed, leave it a little longer before trying again. I know it sounds odd, but may make a difference.

Just try to remain calm around your snake and hopefully it will settle in. Try not to move her about too much now that you have hopefully found a comfortable spot for her.

Good luck & keep us posted

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If youve only had her for 3 months thats around 6 feedings. Its not uncommon at all for a bp to miss a meal or 3 while going through quarantine and acclimating. You have tried a lot of different feeding approaches in a really short time frame. That could be something thats got her startled too. New home. New smells. New handler. Then a cornicopa of feeding efforts all at the same time.
Maybe take whatever prey type and form she used to eat and try that repeatedly on whatever feeding schedules you keep your other bps on? See if serene, quiet, consistent stability gets her back on feed. If shes healthy and not underweight maybe see if slow and steady wins the race?


I had one of my male ball pythons go on a 3 and a half month fast after I’d first got him. He weighs about 1000 grams and a live rat pup is what finally got him to eat. I just offered weekly.

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Gut Check

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