Snakes local to smithville tn

I was wondering if anyone knew of a large completely black snake that could live near this area. I live in the country by the wood and my mom seen had seen one that by her description was longer than 6 ft and really thick. It was completely black and she said it didnt kool like it had any scars and was really shiny. while looking for any ideas online she said it looked like this

But this snake ( at least from a quick google search ) doesn’t live around here so if amyone has any ideas as to what it could be that’d be awesome thank you. Also p.s. with it at least at first glance not having scars if your missing a snake that fits the description it might be here. We are trying to capture it and release it far enough away so that it doesn’t disturb our dogs or my little brother.

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I’ve seen gray rat snakes get nearly black…

Pretty sure Eastern indigo snakes are native to TN. If not then it was likely a black rat snake. Gray rats don’t get black. It could have also been a very large black racer.


The snake in the picture is an eastern indigo


I’ve seen black racers out on my farm that were quite long but not that heavy bodied. They look huge at first glance, and then they’re gone. There are also kingsnakes in TN which might look very black at a quick glance, though again, not as large as your picture. How accurate do you think the picture is to what she saw?

Eastern indigo snakes are endemic to the Coastal Plain ecoregion, there are no eastern indigo snakes (or any indigo snakes) in Tennessee. The snake was either an adult rat snake or a black racer.

Was going to say, I’ve been tromping around the woods and mountains of TN all over for nearly half a century. I’ve never seen an indigo in the wild here. Most everything else, but not an indigo.

My vote is black racer, they get really impressive, they’re not particularly secretive so you see them pretty often, and it’s hard to judge girth as fast as they go.