Snowfall exploring

Ibtook my boy out for a little bit of exploring. I noticed none of my Rosys really like to be held, butthey do like to swim about in my hands and in the room.

Snow likes to exploring the sheet covers i use on my enclosures. I watch my babies closely so they don’t get into a place where i can’t get them out.

Look at those peepers :eyes: nice red eyes.

Various pictures of exploring

I will try and get pictures of Orange Crush and my latest Matrix ( still haven’t thought of name ). I really don’t hold my snakes often, they don’t seem the holding type :woman_shrugging:


He really is lovely. Such a handsome boy! :heart:

Most snakes don’t really like to be restrained, but many do seem to enjoy (or at least don’t object to) crawling around on their keepers, or just getting out and exploring outside of their enclosure.

I can’t wait to see more pictures of your girls!


Yes next week i have time to work with them omg OC is getting so big.


He’s a handsome fellow. It’s nice to see him enjoying himself in the environment.

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