So addicting and looking forward to start breeding!

This is Squishy. She’s a Fire, Enchi, Pinstripe, pos Het Ghost. Can’t wait to prove her out in a couple few years. Any tips on a nice male to pair her with?


Well depends on what you like and if you prefer recessive or co dominant genes. For dominant I always like Mojave or lesser for most morphs and recessives would definitely be clown or pied but desert ghost is always nice too


With her being possible het ghost I’d shoot for a ghost male to prove her out. Ghost, aka hypomelanism, is a cool recessive mutation that takes black pigment down a notch. Something like a ghost enchi male (shooting for super enchi, ghost, pinstripe, fire). Want to make some all white ball pythons? A fire male will result in 25% of them. There’s a number of directions you could go but proving out the het ghost would be my initial priority.

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Thank you so much and I do wanna prove her out I’ll write that down for a must have male. Awesome advice here so happy to be part of the ball clan!

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Awesome thank you I want to go the recessive route they seem to hold prices better and as I grow I’ll open another way I would like to go. Appreciate taking the time and replying (:

Of course no problem, glad I could help. Pinstripe clowns look awesome so it would definitely be a worth while project if you decide to go that route

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