So has anyone ever tried to do this?

So I came across a black pastel fire ball python and I got thinking what a snake holding a super of each gene would look like. I will admit I haven’t looked very thoroughly for any examples. But if you had a super black pastel (all black snake) Super fire (mostly white snake) what would it look like. Both an all white snake and an all black snake are considered visual dead ends but what if you had all 4 genes in one snake. Shoutout to Mike Wilbanks for posting the snake that got me into this rabbit hole


I believe since Super Fire is a Black Eyed Lucy, being a Lucy I think it would cancel out any other pigment from the Super Black Pastel.
Like how BELS cancel out the genes visually that are present in Blue Eyed Lucy combos.


My personal thoughts on it, and remember I’m not a geneticist.

I think that the Super Fire (BlkEL) will still strip away any colour and you will still have a white snake.


I personally believe that the snake that you’re referring to would be actually whiter than just the super fire is. The reason why I say this is that Moonglows and Moonglow IMGs yes are white but the IMG is for Increasing Melanin Gene. Overall the Moonglow IMG one actually is whiter then the Moonglow

The reason moonglow IMG boas are whiter is because moonglows are albino. Meaning there is more black pigment being taken away with the albinism present in the snake. Leucistic animals are a lot different than albino, and tend to lack pattern/pigment just on their own. I don’t believe you would get much different out of a super black pastel BlkEL than usual. You also run the risk of getting a kinked baby due to the high chance of deformities in super black pastels, so I wouldn’t bother with it.

I was using moonglow because it is an extreme white in boas. I don’t believe that super fire IMG boas have happened yet. Sorry that I used a different base morph to compare. Really, I am sorry, forgive me?

My best guess is a white snake. :thinking:

If anything does bleed through the Super Fire i think it would look grayish. :wink:

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As has been noted, you will get a white snake.

The disruption to pigment deposition that you get from the SuperFire will supersede the melanism from the SuperBlk

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I will add a related tid bit. The super fire super lesser, was obviously all white, this time the BEL disrupting any yellow the super fire might have. However the eyes were blue with red pupils and I thought it was pretty crazy.

Most lucy combos won’t be too inspiring, but there’s random ones like leopard and enchi that changed the game for ivory, I’d more look into that route for a chance at something more interesting.