So, this happened

Had no idea this girl would go this season. I actually wasn’t planning to breed this season, with the market so flooded. None of our girls who skipped last year seemed to be headed in that direction, so I thought “meh, give them a break.” Pippi last saw a male, twice, in October. She never seemed to put on much weight, kept skipping meals on/off, kept her body condition, just… there.

Then one day, months later, opened her tub, and…

She’s a bitey girl. Typical grumpy pastel, so, pillowcase time.

Aaaannnd, right on time 2 months later…

Looks like 4 normals, 1 pastel, all double het Ultramel and Pied. Now, I just hope the pastel is a girl! I’ll post more once they are out, cleaned and shed.


Congratulations! There they go, always surprising us!


Congratulations on a sweet surprise! Please do post pictures! :blush:


Nice surprise all look healthy regards Tony


Congrats, what an awesome surprise! Great pairing as well!

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Awesome suprise! Cant wait to see the little ones!

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