Sold Tab on Marketplace Does Not Work [2643] [FIXED]

As the title says, the Sold tab on marketplace does not seem to add the correct filter. When I click it the categories increase to show the sold number of animals but when you click the categories it only shows animals for sale and on hold.

So far I’ve only tested this on Chrome and Firefox. Maybe the issue is isolated to myself but in the off chance it is not I figured I would report it.


Hey Justin,

Which filter is this regarding?

Can you screenshot what your seeing?

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I might be thinking of it wrong but this is how I’m interpreting it:

Under the morph list for the categories you can click to view only the sold morphs, which will show the number of each morphs that have sold. Clicking on a morph there will show that morph, but only the ones for sale.

I think you are right, I am seeing this issue on my side too, in all areas.


Thank you. That is the issue I was talking about.


Agree, looks like a bug. We’ll get on it.