Sold to me as a banana I’m colorblind so I’m not 100% she’s just a banana any suggestions


Looks like a Banana to my eye. Without knowing the parents, it is hard to say if there are any other subtle morphs in there


Thank you I got her because to me she looks pink and yellow :smiley:


Even if you cant see the exact colours being colorblind, the dark speckles are typical of a banana and I guess you can see them.

And maybe the way you see it is even better. I would not know.
She is pretty too with my full colour vision, but I would not worry if anything else is in her as you got her because you like the way you see her.

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I just noticed your new to the forum. Welcome :slight_smile:

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Not quite what your looking for but :person_shrugging: I’ve hunted it down now

Quote from a random Redditor:

"imagine you’re eating something. There’s the texture, but then there’s the flavor okay. That’s why root beer doesn’t taste like coke, the mouthfeel is the same, but the flavor is different.

Okay now you have sight and you’re looking at something. You can see shades and contours and depth and stuff, that’s like the texture of food. Color is like flavor for your eyeballs. Sometimes they clash, sometimes they look really good together, but they add flavor to whatever you’re looking at."

To add to this and maybe help you “see” the colours of your Banana girl, by quoting another random Redditor:

"Okay, let’s start at the top of the spectrum. Our first color is red. Red is heat and she obtrusive and makes no apologies. She announces that she’s here and she will be herself no matter what. She is the color of hot coals, she is the color of passion and the color that struts in the door and doesn’t give a damn.

Orange is like red’s over-excited little brother. He is also warm, but he is loud and vibrating. He will always be noticed in a crowd. He might make you wince with his strength, as energetic as he is. He is the color of excitement and the beacon in the night; he is on fire.

Yellow is the cousin of orange. He’s still warm, but in a mellow, comforting way. He is loud when he wants to be, but most of the time he just wants to encase you in his subtle warmth. He is the color of spring flowers and knows how to make people happy.

Violet is a rich, happy color. She is most often found in the forms of flowers and berries. She is shy and doesn’t like to make a scene. But she is also the color of royalty, she forces you to look at her when she really wants to be seen."

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Yes I am thanks

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Well in that case I encourage you to post and ask questions, its a good place to learn. I have leaned loads here.

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