Some beautiful Orange Dream goodness in this clutch!

This clutch is all out and I am just waiting for the first shed to sex them and hopefully determine what they are. Breeding was a Fire Enchi Orange Dream to Orange Dream Yellow Belly. Incredible colors on all of them…!


Why is just a link to my picture and not the actual picture in the post?

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I love that top center one with the really dark black. Is that ODYB or is that super OD?

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Thanks Jason, that is the second time this has happened when I try to post a picture. They need to fix that when you upload a picture.

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oh man, my girlfriend would love one of these. they are spectacular :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

You need sunglasses to lock at that! Awesome clutch @albey :+1:t2::heart_eyes:


Beautiful ODs!!! I can’t wait until I breed my OD SPIDER with my sterling kingpin.

Wow these are incredible! @albey


Bottom left looks awesome!

Beautiful work. Congrats!

Super OD


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I would so take any one of them and not even picky which one I got they are all off the chain

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Those are @albey’s snakes, his picture didn’t load properly at first so I helped. I’ve withdrawn my post so it doesn’t take away from his.

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