Some day I will learn not to do 7-gene pairings

… But today is not that day :rofl: :rofl:

So much variety

And the individual pics


Butter OD (poss YB)

Cypress OD

BlkPastel Butter Enchi OD

BlkPewter Butter Cypress

Butter Cypress Enchi Pastel OD (I think:man_shrugging:t4: )

BlkPewter Butter Enchi OD (Maybe… Possibly… :man_shrugging:t4: :man_shrugging:t4:)


I would totally be guessing clown combo on the last one without knowing the pairing. That’s pretty awesome.


Nothing like variety in a clutch :+1:


Ooh, gorgeous clutch!

I have a 5 gene pairing that produced only 3 eggs :joy: I’m hoping for some nice variety when they hatch out! (Pairing was 1.0 butter spinner x 0.1 pewter)

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This guy/girl is absolutely incredible.


Awsome clutch chief. Are you working with Neilsen or Barnhart line black pastel?

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Killer clutch Travis👍 Congrats.

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Pairing was Butter Enchi OD Pastel YB x BlkPastel Cypress. So definitely no Clown in there LOL

You like her, you will love her older brother (that I originally thought was the BlkButter Enchi OD combo but now I am guessing he has either Cypress or YB in him which gave him the melted laterals)


Nope. This is one of the three lines of BlkPastel that Outback works with.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: he looks like a Simpson donut :doughnut:

I can’t wait to see how she looks at his size.


You could always invite her to live with you LOL

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Its amazing how the combo of black pastel and enchi widen the area of dorsal coloration. I may have to try that sometime.

The invitation isn’t necessary, she is welcome in my house any time :joy::joy:


This BlkPastel sire seems to have a pretty strong black back associated with him. Not all BlkPastels will behave this way however

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Congratulations on these beauties!! Have to say, the Black Pastel Butter Enchi OD is my fav. :slight_smile:

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Cool. just looks a lot like the Barnhart black pastel dinker project that BELMorps has been working with. Looks awsome regardless.

Well Trey did get his original stock from Outback so there is a possibility of shared genetics all the way back there I suppose…