Some Holdbacks

I think everyone likes pretty pictures so here are some of my 2020 holdbacks to distract you from real life. I’m not done with last years clutches yet but I’m guessing I will have kept back ~15 females this year when the chips are all counted.

In order

0.1 Super Enchi Pastel GHI

0.1 Enchi GHI Bumblebee/Killerbee

0.1 Super Enchi Pastel GHI

0.1 Black Pastel Spinner Blast

0.1 HGW Mystic

1.0 Coral Glow Jigsaw


Very rarely see this combo!!! I love it super nice!!! Makes me more excited for my mystic potion x soul sucker yellowbelly clutch!!! Very nice group!!!

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It’s a great combo. Getting better and better as it ages. It took me a minute to figure it out because I had been pairing her to a CG Mojave and somehow got a bunch of mystic lesser hgw stuff lol. Retained sperm from a soul sucker pairing the year before.


Lol nothing like looking at your long awaited clutch only to wonder how the fudge did this happen!!! Mocha hidden gene woma is another seldom done combo that is very nice as well. I have a blackhead mocha hgw project going!!! Love hgw!!! Doesn’t get enough love imo lol.


It’s really a great gene. Lower wobble expression than spider too. I never catch mine corkscrewing or upside down.


HGW is definitely underutilized gene, but it works wonders with many genes, beautiful HGW MYSTIC


Beautiful holdbacks.

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Thank you!

The headstamp on that Super Enchi Pastel GHI is absolutely incredible!

Those are two of my favorite snakes and I just hatched them a few months ago lol. Probably because I had a vision for this combo, and stacked all the genes in one generation at a time. Doesn’t remotely resemble my vision but both are females I did reach a goal so it was a big win :joy:


They’re stunning, congratulations!

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