Some lighthearted herp humor!

So, I was looking through recent posts, and generally I don’t read the BP posts that sound heavy on BP morph genetics as the subject matter, as they’re way too frustrating to try and follow. But just now I saw ‘Enchilada’ in the subject of a BP post (I would have posted there, but it was merged into an already long discussion), and I was like, 'What?! ‘Enchi’ is short for ‘enchilada?!?’

So, naturally, I thought that would be awesome, as (that I’m aware of), there really aren’t many reptile morph names that come from savory dinner entrees. As anyone would in such a situation, I immediately dropped everything and took to the rest of the internet to do research…

Sadly, Enchi is (purportedly) the name of a town in Ghana from whence the morph-originating animal was sourced. Though I’m disappointed, the truth is also admittedly a pretty cool backstory for a morph name. Are there other BP morphs that are sourced from savory food dishes (so no sweet treats, like Candy)?


:joy::joy: that’s brilliant.

Well it depends, are you a panda? If so, then you may enjoy Bamboo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can’t think of any other savoury ones. I guess the hobby has a sweet tooth :joy:


I mean if you’re the guy who was a partner for Apple I guess you would like Acid
or you’re part of the tide pod challenge you could do Ajax
And monkeys like Bananas
For the people who don’t like Diet Coke you could do Orange Crush
Champagne gets you drunk, and then people think that Coffee helps (It is scientifically proven that it doesn’t)

That’s all I can come up with right now


Factual, not purported :grin: