Some nice looking “Tiger” isopods!

Radsada is so cool it’s not comparable to any of the other tigers in my opinion just has such a different color pallet. Been having some babies pop up in my colony and I’m very excited to see they are doing so well.

The yellow tigers are prey nice as well and somewhat hard to capture the true color they have been doing fairly well and have that similar “stripe” the silvers and some very nice red tigers share.

Now we have the Silver Tiger Stripe one of the most notorious isopods for being a pain in the butt to get breeding, brood sizes are decent but the colonies always dwindle/hover around the same numbers. I’ve had this colony for about a year now and I see babies a lot but it seems the babies have trouble reaching adulthood. Thankfully there is larger brood sizes. They have been around for a long time now as far as isopods go so I’m hoping someone can crack the code on the silvers as they are truly super duper pretty yet very fragile it seems. I plan to move my colony to a new bin that provides TONS of limestone, maybe till do the trick.

Radsada Tiger - Silver Tiger Stripe - Yellow Tiger