Some of my non-pythons

Oligodon purpurascens, kukri snake. Mainland and Tioman Island forms

And Rhamphiophis oxyrhynchus, rufus beaked snakes


Super cool! Are these being captive bred or are you working towards it?

The Tioman Island kukri are being bred in captivity (my pair are CBB) but to the best of my knowledge the mainland form are not. I had hoped to breed them however, my 1.1 ended up being a 0.2 so…

Beaked snakes are rarely bred in captivity. I know someone that has bred R. rostrata and another breeder that is trying to breed R. rubropunctatus. Part of the problem has been that they are notoriously difficult to sex. But RGI should help with that, he confirmed that these, purchased as a 0.0.2, are a 1.1. Now I just need to get these up to size, so maybe in three or four years I will be producing