Some of the cresteds

Those who would play ball and not just sleepy or not interested in coming out.
So some but not all.


“Bowies Serious Moonlight” He’s not really interested in this pic lol

“Bumble” a new youngster

I changed this little ones name to “Bowies Halloween Jack”


“Bowies Aladdin Sane”


“Starman” which was the rehome

“Braken” which you’ve seen

We have a few more. I will try get pics of when fired or not asleep


Very nice shots as usual. The silvery eyes on the red gecko are really cool. What a neat color combo.

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Great looking crew and fantastic photos.

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Awesome looking Cresties :heart_eyes:

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He’s yellow when fired. A very cool lad :slight_smile: He will have 2 yellow GF. Bee and Bumble when she is big enough. Will try get a pic when he’s fired

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I love the color of this one!