Some problems of setup

I have already bought the water bowl, leaf, hide, and coconut fiber(the substrate). what else do I need for the setup of my ball python?
Besides, I think the temperature is too low, but it seems difficult to increase the temperature

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Hold the yellow button for 3 seconds then increase it to 90 and press the yellow button again.

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omg, I set the temperature to 108F, but the real temperature is 83.8F. Is there something to do with the location of the temperature probe?

Yes. Either use hot glue and put it inside the tank on top of the heat pad and glue the cord all the way along the wall back to the top so your snake can’t get into it or take the suction cup off and stick it between the heat mat and the glass on the outside

You might need a bigger UTH. You need around a 3rd of one side of the tank with a UTH covering it. Also, you can watch this on how to set it up properly.

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if the temperature of the heating pad is 90F, the cage’s temperature will lower than 90, and the temperature in my room is 81F. Do you think I need to do some other things to increase or decrease the temperature?

Nah that’s big enough for a 10gal.

A temp gun is nice but if it’s right against the heat pad itself you should be well within a couple degrees

thank you very much!!!

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thank you !! it is helpful and I have changed the location of my probe