Some smoking orange dream ghost pied project holdbacks

The ghost pied project has been my primary focus for over the past decade. My founding pied female I produced from a het to het breeding back when regular pieds were still over a grand each. It’s been fun seeing a project come to fruition.

Two years ago I finally produced my first ghost pied combos. Now I’m incorporating several genes into the mix (hidden gene woma, mojave, blackhead, leopard, etc.). I’ve been wanting to get orange dream into the mix as well, so I paired my fire yellowbelly ghost pied male to a fire orange dream female. I hatched out two stellar fire yellowbelly orange dreams double het for ghost pied, one male and one female. The male is a backup male to the last fella I want to talk about, an orange dream enchi pied het ghost male I just picked up from Bob Vu.

I’m really excited to see what these guys produce in a couple of years!

First two photos are of the female and male fire yb od dh ghost pieds. Last photo is of the orange dream enchi pied het ghost male.


Those are some beautiful animals. Can’t wait to see what you have going on on the future. The Fire OD dbl het you had just sold was a stunner and I had seen the one you picked up from Bob on here too. Nice grab.

I am working on some similar stuff myself and will be holding back a 0.1 Enchi OD Pastel dbl het Ghost/Pied and 50% het G-Stripe as well as a 1.0 Fire OD dbl het Pied/Ghost. I’m keeping an eye on you. :upside_down_face:

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G-stripe pieds are surprisingly nice, are you planning to try to prove out that possible het male you’ve got?. As ghosts I think g-stripe pieds would be pretty slick. Also, look into some of the special pied combos coming out of Europe. That’s another pickup I want to make this year, but nobody’s got any available yet. It’s still early in the season so hopefully things will get posted soon.

I’ve been toying with slowly incorporating a third recessive into my ghost pied project. Leaning away from clowns for now, I’m just too far behind on that project to jump in without a significant financial investment (and boy, anything clown is priced super high right now). Sentinel/paint looks interesting though. Someone had a sentinel/paint pied on MM last year, I kind of regret not picking it up.

Deborah Stewart got the fire od double het ghost pied male I had up. She’s been working with ghost pied project animals for as long as I can remember. She was also among the first to produce mojave pieds way back in the day. I would favorite her page too, she’s got some amazing high quality stuff.

I don’t have anything on in G-Stripe on the male side. I did have a Lesser het G-Stripe possible het Clown, but I wasn’t doing anything with it so I moved him out of the collection. I’ve known Deborah a while now so I’m excited to hear that she picked up your boy and to see what she does with him. The triple recessives I just produced came from a pairing of a Ghost poss het Pied girl I picked up from Deborah a few years back. She proved so that was good. Best to you