Some updated photos of the Sunglows and Motley

Unfortunately I’m thinking the 2nd Albino Motley is going to fail to thrive. I’ll give him all the help I can though to see if I’m wrong. But thankfully these all are eating like champs. Going to be difficult to decide which ones I want to keep.

Female 1

Female 2

Female 3

Male Motley that is doing great

Male 1

Male 2


All are gorgeous! There is absolutely no way I could make the decision you are going to have to make!:joy:


Wow, that albino motley :heart_eyes: the overall pastel colorations are so nice on that bold pattern.

Of the sunglows I like female #2’s blocky and large tail saddles. The color on all those sunglows are amazing


All look great and love the ladder tail on the motley. I would keep the motley, female 2 and male 2 if they where mine.


All of them look great. The tail on the motley is insane. They’re so bright and rich in color. Tough decisions Randall


Can I get an update photo of the motley :upside_down_face:


I’m planning to get photos of the Motley and the DH Sunglows next.


Got some pix of the non albino littermates.


Took some more photos of the Sunglow litter neonates. Of course they decided to play in their poop beforehand.
I’m having a hard time deciding whether I should keep this boy or not. He’s beautiful, but don’t know if he will fit in down the road.

This is the problem child of the litter. He’s refused to eat, (forced him). he has a look to him like he needs to shed, just doesn’t look great.

Sunglow female #1

Sunglow female #2. Thinking she’s a keeper.

Sunglow female #3. She has a ton of color saturation. She may end up being difficult to let go.

Sunglow male #1

Sunglow male #2


Hi Randall, I would keep the albino motley male. I regret not keeping a nice extra albino male, as my nice albino male passed away a few years ago. There are times I don’t want to add hypo to the mix. So a good albino is nice to have a round. You would know better, but female 3 looks redder to me. I would keep her. Sunglow males 1 & 2 look about the same. Maybe 2 has a better tail color.

Wish I made sunglows this year. I would trade you some sunglows for some of your sunglows. This way, we could get some new non related blood lines in our boas. If you like any of my BCAXBCI hypo het albino I would trade 2 or 3 of mine for one of your sunglows. Or trade one for one hypos If not, that is fine too.