Something new happened today

I’m not sure if I should be proud of this or not but for the first time today while I was feeding my BP she bit me for the first time and I’ve had her for almost 10 months. It didn’t cause much damage but it shocked me, I’m not mad about it I mean I knew it was gonna happen at some point. But anyways this is the small damage


12 inch tweezers


Your bp says sorry lol
Been keeping for several years, been struck at but not bitten…yet…except for my BRB!


Lol, I had a very food motivated yearling get me on the ring finger while using these

Sometimes our “pet rocks” don’t live up to that moniker.


True. it can always happen


Well in this case those would not have worked because unfortunately she refuses to eat f/t so I have to feed her live and today I guess I had a brain fart because I put her in the feeding tub first ( I feed her in a separate area than her enclosure) instead of putting the mouse in there first and she is also very food motivated so she struck at the mouse while it was still in my hand but she missed the mouse and got my hand instead.


Any particular reason you move the snake to feed? I’d highly advise against it. It’s unnecessary stress for the snake and you risk them regurgitating their meal when you move them back to their enclosure.

I’d try to feed them in their normal home. It doesn’t cause them to become more aggressive or have other issues, just a heads up.


We have a acronym in herpetoculture for this very thing! SFE which stands for:
stupid feeding error!
It happens to most of us when we are interacting with basically harmless reptiles, don’t worry you are in great company! Thanks for joining the family😁

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I laughed so hard at this!!!


I feed in a different area just because in her enclosure there is lots of places for the mouse to hide and my BP is not at all the smartest and she would just give up on finding the mouse but with the little tote box thing I feed her in the mouse has nowhere to hide and it make it easier on her


I always hold on to live until they grab it, for safety but also so it doesn’t have a chance to hide as well!:grin:


I’d still recommend feeding her in the enclosure. They’re ambush predators. I promise you that she’s smart enough to find it and wait for the mouse to slip up and run right by her.

You reduce the amount of stress you put her under significantly when you feed in their own enclosure.


Ok! Thank you I will try this


Once bitten twice shy! Lol! I agree with @nswilkerson1 I firmly believe in feeding in the snake’s enclosure. There is a plethora of opinions for and against but imo it’s the best way to feed, for the snake and the human.

The only time I was ever nailed was by my BRB. He had stopped striking for several months so I was just laying his ft rat in his enclosure and suddenly he came from nowhere and clamped down on my hand between my thumb and forefinger and wrapped himself around my hand and part of my arm. I panicked and tried to pull him off before remembering to calm down and give him a chance to realize I wasn’t food and let go! Unfortunately he is an adult. @gina5678 ditto! Lol!

Ya gotta love ‘um! :joy::snake:


Oop, your first nom. Funny how they bleed worse than they actually are- Snek spit is weird.

My sweet little darling well behaved BP boy Finnley nailed my hand the week of his first birthday, but it was also a feeding accident.

Feeding fun will account for almost every bite, particularly from a sweet snake who doesn’t get defensive when handled respectfully. Launching yourself like a rocket-propelled mousetrap just… misses once in a while. Whoops!