Something new in Ultramel

I’m digging the purple


This is gonna be cool

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Wow this is very nice :heart_eyes:
Awesome :open_mouth:

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JT, let’s see this one out of the egg🧐

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Here we go @Jlhingle:


jt1, holy smokes! Cinny BH Ultramel?

Doh! Forgot to list on the card. That girl has Butter as well…that’s what’s lightening her up.


I was going to say… Based on the bottom left and bottom right animals there was certainly something other than just BH and Cinny there :laughing:

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You nailed it @asplundii! Breeding was a BH Butter het Ultramel to a Cinny het Ultramel. From top left to right believe we have:

BH Cinny Butter Ultramel
Cinny Ultramel
BH Ultramel
BH Butter ph (lower left)
BH Cinny Butter ph

If someone sees something different though, I’m all ears!

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Looks right to me, congrats!

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Love this!! Really wish more people would work with ultramel and ditch the caramel albinos. Seems to be a much healthier morph and they look terrific!

All so gorgeous @otbp! Congratulations :tada:

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Stunning :heart_eyes:

I’m sorry I’m not seeing it, what’s BH stand for?

I agree even though I have caramels. I wish I bought the ultramel gene instead.

what Kind of stuff do you like mixing it with? I think they look nice by themselves but I don’t see a ton of combos out there.

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BH stands for blackhead.

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This is awesome!

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I love the richness of Ultramel and absolutley love a clutch that is crazy differant…I have my fav of course but would take any of those