Something weird going on with the site? [1684] [DONE]

I’m not able to view any animals. No matter which category I visit, it gives me the following error:

I tried it in a few different browsers and I’m still getting the same result.

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The problem is a recent bug with an autofill search term. With this it’s literally looking up the word “none” and of course there aren’t any results because there wouldn’t be any for sale that have a keyword “none”. Go to the image button and there should be a keyword filter, just remove the word “none” from the textbox and it should work.

Edit: Actually the keywords filter was temporarily removed because of the bug so it could be fixed. Try it again and it should work.


This is a bug I temporarily introduced, while on vacation when trying to remove the Keywords feature due to the strange behavior it caused.

It was fixed within 15 minutes.