Sometimes things just don't work out

About a month ago a GHI H. Orange Ghost x Orange Ghost clutch hatched and this poor thing was one of the results. Probably the most severe “shark mouth” I’ve seen. The rest of the clutch is healthy with no visible deformities.

It was humanely euthanized shortly after this picture was taken as this snake would have been unable to properly feed and hydrate. Thought it might be an interesting case to share.


You are right sometimes they just don’t and many new people think breeding is a cool, fun easy job or hobby but they just don’t know about the heartache that come along with breeding.


Definitely the hardest part of breeding IMO. But it happens to people who are just starting and those who have been doing it for years. Also I think it gives you a better appreciation for it when things go right. Im sorry for your loss.


Agreed with both of you. It’s an inevitable part of breeding and new breeders should know that there will be times they will need to do what’s right for that animal, even if it’s euthanasia.


Poor sweetheart, bless his little soul.

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Rest in peace little guy. :green_heart::broken_heart:

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Kingsnakes gotta eat too


Ty for sharing, It is a sad thing but it happens!

I actually work at a vet clinic and we see this a lot in all species… Truly heartbreaking, but as I tell my clients, sometimes a humane end is preferable to a life of suffering… It’s great that you’ve shared this, so that people who haven’t seen something like this can learn and even those who have can relate.


Definitely something you have to be mentally prepared for… will break your heart everytime but ultimately it will happen to everyone breeding (any animal) have to what is best for the lil ones as hard at it can be at times… I :disappointed_relieved::snake::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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So sad! Lik​:snake::pensive: