Sonoran Leopard boa care

Hi all, I’ve been thinking about picking up a Sonoran Leopard; some of those animals have just stunning colors… But I’ve never worked with the Sonoran locality. (Lots of experience with Hog Island and some South American BCIs.). Can someone share your experience with keeping Sonorans? I’m curious about behavior (are they arboreal?), and heat/humidity requirements.



I keep my Sonorans the same as my other Boas. I do seem to notice they will have shedding issues more frequently than Imperator though, so I tend to mist them when I see they’re in blue more frequently.


Thanks. Same heat gradient? I’ve read that Sonorans like it cooler…?

Are they active during the day? Do they climb?

And how big are yours?

Thanks again.


I keep them with the same temp gradient.

They like climbing about the same as the Imperators. They’re about the same with activity as well.

My largest 2 are my proven pair, they’re about 8 years old, the female is about 6’ and the Male is about 5 1/2’ but much slimmer. My 2 year old leopard (one of their offspring) is shy of 3’.


Cool. Thanks again.

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Actually, could you post a couple pics of your leopards? I’m curious how the colors change as adults. I think the babies here on MM are stunning (those pinks and reds are amazing), but most of the adults I’ve seen online seem to have more mellowed colors.

The leopards that I’ve seen as adults having very dark.

This pic is from a few months ago. I love this boy. He’s my only visual leopard at the moment.


Really pretty snake. Dark, but that busy filigree pattern is very cool. Thanks for sharing.