Sore on pastave’s lip

Does any one know what this might be and how to treat it. I thought she just had a cleft but now it has swollen a bit and I’m thinking it may be mouth rot. Never experienced this type of thing before, thanks for the help.

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It doesn’t look unhealthy to me, it looks like she cut herself at some point and that’s a long-healed scar. There’s no inflamed tissue, I really don’t see anything here worrisome. Is this a snake you just acquired?


That’s great news. I’ve had her probably 3-4months and she’s had that since I got her, I just hadn’t looked at her a lot in a couple weeks and it seemed more noticeable.

I would monitor for an abscessed tooth. But it could just be scaring.

Looks like it could be a long-healed rat bite.