Sore on underbelly and aggressive

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I would like to know what kind he is too???

That looks like really bad scale rot or a burn, I’d be makig a vet vist ASAP.

Double check his enclosure to make sure your thermostat is working, use an infrared thermometer to make sure there’s no hot spots he could sit on and get burned, and make sure there’s no damp or soiled substrate. While he’s healing he should probably be on paper towels for a while to keep the wounds clean


Wow poor baby, looks like it needs veterinarian intervention right away that wound looks serious. I hope you go right away and get medication, as stated above check its enclosure for high heat areas, do a thorough cleaning of the enclosure too then put paper towels. Also make sure you have proper humidity. If sepsis sets in the snake will die.


Wait, has he been like this for almost a month now? Does the wound still look like that/are those current photos? If so, as everyone else has said, vet ASAP because leaving something like that untreated is dangerous and the animal is very likely in pain, which is why you’re seeing aggression.


I’ve been soaking him in an iodine bath every other day so that’s why it looks so red in that pic and his defensiveness has eased alot since the last time I posted about the agreessive behavior. However, I can’t afford a vet visit right now so I wanted to ask the community to see if this has happened to anyone else and what they did. Im going to put paper towels down right now and put him on a soft heating pad on low heat. He seems to really like that. Any more suggestions will be great. Thanks

What medication would they give him. I’ve been soaking him in a warm iodine bath which seems to have helped some. I think that is why it looks so red in the pic but it’s definitely still irritated. He wants to stay in his little box all the time until night when he comes out for a drink, which is over the heating element. Should I move the box somewhere else or take the box out. I just don’t want him to feel exposed like he has no where safe to go when he feels threatened or nervous.

DO NOT PUT HIM ON A HEATING PAD!!! Those are not temperature controlled and can really harm your snake, especially if there is no thermostat. Not only that, but with a belly wound, you’re just going to cause more pain and irritation. You can severely injure or kill a snake using a product like that. For example, Sunbeam brand heating pads have a low setting that starts at 110ºF. Also, you should never bathe your snake in warm water, it should only ever be between 80º-85ºF max.

Does the heating in his enclosure have a thermostat? Is it belly heat or a lamp? Tbh this is more than should be treated by you at home. I understand money is tight, but something this advanced needs treating by an actual professional. Your animal likely needs injectable antibiotics, which you can’t get any other way.


I understand money being tight but you really should seriously consider taking him to a vet if I remember correctly when my bp prolapsed it was only about $220 and for anesthesia the labor and a week of antibiotics so I would imagine something like that would only really cost like $150-$200 at most of witch I could be completely wrong about and even though that is still a lot of money


I was told by several snake owners that the iodine bath was fine and of course I don’t put him in scalding hot water, it’s just enough to where it’s not to cool. I don’t have hime in the heating pad for no longer than a few minutes after his bath but I’ll reconsider. I don’t leave him in there long at all and its covered with a cloth and a towel.
The heat in his enclosure comes from the bottom but I’m considering another form of heat, like a lamp. Which one do you recommend? His belly is actually healing bc it was worse than that so I believe the baths are helping. I just don’t want it to happen again. I was given this snake with no instructions. I’ve had to read and research everything myself so any tips on heat, enclosures, substrates, humidity… Just anything would be great.


Advice from snake owners isn’t always advice from professionals, and you can’t use only that to judge whether or not you can treat an animal at home. For the bath, you really do need to be measuring the water temperature with something like a temperature gun, because water that feels warm to us is usually too hot for a snake. As for the heating pad, don’t just reconsider, please stop. The temperatures they operate at, even on low, can cause damage to your snake. Overheating can cause neurologic damage and death. Covering with a towel is even worse because you’re essentially creating an oven. Snakes regulate their own body temperatures. After a bath all you need to do is dry it off.

If the under tank heater does not have a thermostat (i.e. if you just plug it in and there’s no way to measure the temperature) they can easily get far too hot and burn the snake. You’re going to need a thermostat with a probe if you haven’t gotten one already. Ball Pythons require specific heat and humidity. I’m not a BP expert, so I’ll let someone else give you more accurate tips there and suggestions for what you’ll need.

Truly though, this animal does need to see a vet. Not only that, but if you were given the snake and didn’t/don’t have the proper supplies on hand, it’s going to cost you to get everything set up properly. Depending on the age of the animal, it’s a long term investment. I very much suggest possibly reaching out to someone local to you with BP experience because it sounds like this snake may need more help than you can provide. I’d also check with your local herpetological society to see if they can point you to any veterinarians that offer discount care or payment plans.


I agree, your local Herp Society should be able to point you to good reptile vets and hopefully one who will do payment plans. They can also give you really detailed care guidance, or provide people able to take the snake if you do end up needing to pass him along to more experienced care. There’s no shame in that! Sometimes we have to surrender animals we care about if we can’t afford to help them or just lack expertise they might need.

You clearly want to do right by this animal, so getting veterinary inspection or passing him to someone who can get him that is probably the best bet for his welfare.