Sort by new listings only?

Is there a way to sort by newest listing but filtering out ads that have been relisted? In other words, only the “green prices”?

I like to see the latest ads posted that are new, never before listed, but there does not seem to be a way to sort for this. I can’t seem to find an option but maybe I’m missing something.


So first thing, great suggestion!

Secondly, it seems like your using the old website design. Ads which are brand new have a black price. Ads which have been renewed, meaning they’re a bit older, have slightly grayed prices.

In the past, these were green for new and black for renewed.

You want to use this button to get to the new design.


Thanks Thomas, I indeed use the older design. I strongly prefer that layout but I recognize the new setup is much more powerful. I assume you guys will force everyone over to that eventually and have been holding out as long as I can.

I definitely think there should be a way to sort by newest listings filtering out re-listed ads. I bet there’s a multitude of users that browse frequently like I do. I’ve seen the old ads and it would be much more efficient to see only newly listed ads.