Sorting liked/saved animals

I see this has changed to match the sort options on the rest of the site. Is there a way we can add a sort by “most recent liked/saved”? I personally want to go back and check the most recent ones sometimes, which before would’ve been the first to show up. Now I don’t have an easy way to do that.


Also it seems the automatic sort options removed all sold and on hold options, which I’m not really a fan of.


I also agree with @nswilkerson1. I personally really liked being able to see the newest ones I’d added, because it helped me remember what I was looking for at a certain time, and which geckos I’d been thinking about. Now I’m all confused… :confounded: :joy:


Also also seems it has done something odd to the saved list. I think it’s merging saved and liked under one master list? If I go to my saved, it shows only 3 animals,

which is incorrect. If I change availability to “any” I get the following.


We can sure try!

Yep, it now defaults to For Sale, though you can change the Availability filter to Sold/On Hold/Any… to see the others. This is a bit better than the old way, which would just remove them completely from your lists when you used the “Remove Sold” button.

Are you saying that switching to All pushes you from Saved animals to Liked animals?


Yes, if I try to look at my saved animals that are “any” for available, it combines both lists, and says that it is actually only “liked” but it has animals that I had saved on there.

Editing to add: even if I go to my “saved animals” page, and then apply the availability to “sold” it changes it to “liked” and shows a combined list of liked and saved.

The biggest thing for me, is I want it to default to show animals that are on hold/sold as well as ones that are active. So I can be aware if something I had my eye on is still available. We currently have no way to do that. And then the sorting option, because I may be looking at a certain combo, certain species, etc. and want to be able to compare. Now I can’t, without looking through 10+ pages to find them.

@eaglereptiles any possible updates on this? Still the same issue. I also find myself not using the like/save page anymore because it’s simply not the same as it was. Going to my likes page and seeing the ones I recently liked to remind me was the biggest reason I used it