Soulsucker morph?

Hello everyone,

So I just purchased a blue-eyed lucy ball python, and didn’t realize until doing a double take that it was bred from an Enchi Soulsucker x GHI Pastel Lesser. I heard that the Soulsucker has a wobble? I’m like terrified I unintentionally bought a snake with issues as there are no refunds… Will I have to worry about this? I asked the breeder, but I’m waiting on a response still. The only traits that are listed for the snake are Super Lesser though. They look healthy and apparently eat great though. I’m not good with morphs so any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: The breeder did include ‘hidden gene woma’ in both the title and traits of the other snakes that had it. Which is why I’m hoping it didn’t pass onto this one if that makes sense.

I have produced a lot of soul suckers. And I’ve never had one that had a visual wobble. So I have had zero issues with hidden gene woma.


Thank you so much, that’s very reassuring to hear.

One thing to keep in mind though is you don’t ever want to breed it to another wobble morph.


Oh he’s just going to be a pet. He’s my first ball python which is why I was worried. I didn’t want to start off with one that would have issues.

i have just purchased a soule sucker absolutely no wobble issues ,would’nt stress about it regards Tony

Thank you!

HGW are one of the members of the wobble group that can/do express the trait but usually at very low frequency and expression. As such, it is possible your animal could wobble if it inherited the morph.