Source of Vitamin A for Leos?

It’s been many years since I’ve had a leopard gecko, and I’ve recently been looking into what I would need supplement wise! I’ve found calcium and calcium with D3, but when it comes to multivitamins I’m a little stumped. There’s a lot of options but most use beta carotene as the sub in for vitamin A. I’ve read a few opinions that beta carotene is not a good way for insectivores like leopard geckos to get their vitamin A, while some that say it is good, some that recommend a small drop of straight up vitamin A every so often, or just gutloading food with vitamin A rich food, and with all the risks over overdosing or a deficit my head is definitely starting to spin. ^^; I just wanted to ask what y’all think!

I’m not totally sure about the importance of vitamin a in leopard geckos (@mblaney might know). For multivitamins I dust with repashy calcium plus which contains vitamin a. This product has carotenoids in it (which is likely not the same as beta carotene).


Vitamin A deficiency in leos can lead to shedding issues and respiratory problems. I just talked to one of my herp vets about this a few months ago (you’re right about needing non-beta-carotene-sourced vit. A; I believe beta-carotene is just one of the carotenoids), and they said Reptivite is a good multivitamin for that, but not to overuse (1-2x/month). Another of my herp vets favors the Repashy Calcium Plus.

I’ve gotten a LOT of different recommendations on supplementation over the years, and I think I’m finally starting to form my own opinion about what is the best compromise, given all the differing recommendations and their sources. I’m still working on my care sheet, but it’s very slow going, as life has been insane.


Ahh! I forgot to reply, but thank you so much for the input! Definitely looking into the Reptivite!