Southeast Wisconsin

Hi i live in southeast Wisconsin and am finally starting my dream. I’m breeding b.p. for the first time and eggs should hatch around early October, I have 3 b.p. I rescued and of course the babies that are coming.
I was hoping that there was someone in my area who would teach me how to pop or probe i would pay of course this is something that I’ve wanted to do since i was young

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Couple of ideas if nothing else turns up:

  • Meet some breeders around you. Use the “Local” tab on MM to find those breeders. Or use the MorphMap.
  • You could also attend an expo to meet some folks around you in person.

I wonder if an exotic (reptile) vet could help, if you happen to have one nearby. I do think your best bet is to do as John suggested above but just throwing an idea out there. I’m not certain that it’s an option. but if the great suggestions mentioned already don’t pan out then maybe worth a try.

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