Southern california ball python hobbiest and breeder!

How many people are from So Cal?

I have 20 Ball pythons and breed as a hobby!

Looking for local breeders and or hobbiest to share knowledge and ask questions when needed. It would also be nice to know who is in my area!


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I’m not sure if Bakersfield counts as So Cal. Maybe more like South Central? But it’s nice to see other CA breeders on here. I have about 20 ball pythons too. How long have you been breeding?

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I’ve only been breeding about a year. I’ve had ball pythons for about 5 years. You?

I’ve had snakes for three and a half years, but I’ve only bred ball pythons for the last two. Technically I tried the first year, but my male wasn’t ready.

I started off just keeping a few as pets, then I got a few more… and then a bunch more. You know how it is.

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Yes I do! There is a reptile super show this weekend … let’s see what I come home with!

Can you create groups on this page or is it just what’s listed?

There are no group this is a forum format not a social media platform like facebook or mewe.

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La crescenta breeder here.

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I’m hoping I can make it on Sunday, but I have a lot of plans this weekend. Not sure I’ll be able to fit it in.

Im in Southern Cal. New to breeding, always had reptiles growing up as i kid and just got back into it about 2 years ago. Currently only have one breeding pair but will be investing quite a bit into racks, another incubator, and some proven balls next month.

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