Spacing PVC Enclosures

What do you use to space your PVC enclosures and stack them?

I was thinking 1x1 pine along the front and back.

All I know is pine is toxic to snakes, but you would have to get confirmation from other people if that applies for having it in the same room, personally, I would not take the risk and just use a different type of wood that’s non-toxic for snakes and reptiles, but then again I will check with what other people say.

I would say having it in the same room doesn’t matter since the framing for your walls is made out of pine.

I actually just stack my pvc enclosures on top of each other.
So I use other pvc cages to stack my pvc cages lol, which is also the best look in my opinion

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Im not sure that they would effect them if not in the tank. And also no matter what wood you use you are going to want to seal it so I would think that would lock in whatever fumes or oils from leaking out. I mean if sealant makes the wood impenetrable even water I would think it would be fine.

I use the felt slider disks that you put under furniture feet, one on each corner and one each 30cm or so along front and back. I also tend to run a row or two under the centre of the cage as well.