Spark is the worst ⚡️

Just kidding!

My precious man Tony decided to shed on the fourth so now I can get some lovely pics on the fifth! His color changes so much I can’t keep up but right after he sheds is definitely my favorite. He’s always been so light colored which I like quite a bit, makes him one in a million in my head lol, then again I don’t see spark spotnoses often so I don’t have much to compare to, either way he is my handsome man!

Excited for the 30th! It’s going to be Tony’s “got ya” anniversary and that’s the day I get to go snake shopping yet again. Got taken out of the game to get $2k for just expo spending sadly due to health conditions but at least I can hope to spend a couple hundred this time around! Happy (belated) Fourth to you all! Hope it was a fun one yesterday


Tony poses quite well for pictures! He is a very handsome guy! Sorry about your health problems! :snake::blush:


I like how the combination works together.
He’s a very handsome guy.


Super bright and very unique


Yes, I agree with everyone too! I also love what spotnose does to the head! Super cool, very clown like almost! Good pics of a unique snake!:+1: