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ok like 1 week a go I wanted to start to breed but I figured out im not ready so something that I really want to do is make a very beautiful vision cage vivarium but my boas are growing so fast that I think isn’t worth it to get a terrarium make it a vivarium and use it only for 6 months…btw I august im getting a baby hognose snake can I make a dry/desert vivarium?or there is another little snake to put in a vision vivarium cage?

sandy or rocky vivarium?

Well there are some info missing here, like what are the dimension of your terrarium, not all species of all age will thrive in a large terrarium for example. If you are getting a hatchling hognose anything under 50 grams need to be in 14 x 9 inches footprint max, might need to be even smaller and really this will do until they are about 100/150 grams.

all sizes didn’t bought anything yet (no massive snakes)

thank you cool

btw desert vivarium was an idea everything else would be fine but id like to see it (active snakes)


for a hognose whats better a sandy or rocky desert vivarium?

I stay away from sand with any reptile because of the risk of impaction. They love to borough And rocks or sand probably wouldn’t be a great alternative, but with rocky background like desert outcrops I think it work

I saw there is calcium based sand that doesn’t cause impaction

I haven’t heard much better from that, but you should ask @stewart_reptiles about it

I would not use sand with a hognose I would use something that helps promote their natural behaviour and helps with absorbency (they eat a lot, have a lot bowel movements and the smell is a lot worse than with most species)

Choices are coconut husk and aspen.

Thanks for responding so fast

lol why their shit smell worst???btw thank you

can I use wild caught isopods for the vivarium or where I can buy them?

If you want to do a bioactive setup it will be a lot more complicated than just buying a substrate you will need to mix your substrate which will be composed of

Majority of potting soil, than coconut fiber, than sand and litter leaf.

You will have to find a species of isopod that thrive in a dry environment (so you have to do some research on that) since Hognose only require low humidity (I do not recommend bring anything wild when it comes to isopod)

My advice since you never own the species would be to start with a minimalist setup with aspen and look into the rest when you have enough experience.

ok for a 1 mont old hognose a 25x25 cm terrarium is good?

Considering your experience I would not recommend a hognose that age/size I would recommend something a bit older and at least 15 grams min, something that is very well sarted.

I have month old babies right now and they are house in 25cm x 7cm tubs because it is really critical with what is pretty much still considered neonates.

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do hognose have feeding problems when they are new born?

Just from following this subject topic, I believe you really need to do more research.
Many of the questions you are asking are answered with some simple research.
If you don’t want to put in the time to read about a species before you buy one, you shouldn’t get one.

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cmon I did my researches I never made a vivarium that why im asking