Specs for a custom adult rack

Hey guys I was wondering if anybody has any specs they’d be willing to share for custom made racks?
Any comments will be appreciated, thank you!

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What exactly are you wanting to know? Are you intending to build using wood, plastic, metal? For the average DIYer building their first rack, I recommend picking the tub you want to use and build around it, with the tub in hand you can get exact tolerances needed for width/depth/height for each level.

Something I like to use as a spacer when building a rack out of either wood or plastic are old cds. You can set one on each corner of the tub and it’ll provide a slight gap while supporting the next shelf while you attach it.


Thank you for responding I’m intending to use wood. Also thank you for your input!

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My dad and I made this one together last year - Check out my rack!. I don’t know the exact specs off the top of my head, but it hold (5) 41qt tubs and is made out of a combination of melamine and wood


This, great trick for builders…