Specter Spark Yellowbelly

Planning to have this, this cominh season
Pewter Spark x Super Stripe.
Do anyone here have successfully bring this 3 in One snake? :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Just being excited, i’m honestly quitting BP, but since we succeed last season. I’m getting headache for more…

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Well, since those three are on the same allele, that will not be possible. You will either make
Spark yellowbellies
Spark specters
Specter yellowbellies
And combos with the other genes in of course.

Good luck :+1:

Thank you for that. So it will just give you more chance of winning the stripe project right?
But this 3 combo
Yb spark
Yb specter
Spark specter
All got different in their super form right?

Clarification here - These are different alleles of the same gene. They are not the same allele


Thanks for the clarification and correction Travis😀

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So is there possibility for this 3gene came out in 1snake?

No. There is only space for 2 of them. In your breeding you would get yellow-belly, specter, puma and spark-specter. (Plus those 4 options in cinnamon, pastel and pewter)

Thank you thank you… get it…

As has been noted by the others in this thread, no, you cannot get three alleles into one snake. It would be king of like trying to fit three legs into a pair of pants :grin: