Sperm plug in female?

Please see attached image. I bought a female bp tried popping (which I’m horrible at doing) and this came out . Is this necessarily a sperm plug piece or do females also release something similar?

BPs don’t have sperm plugs, it is just old information that breeders assumed back in the old days but has since been proven false (but for some reason people still use it even though baby BPs can have them). What males produce that everyone calls a plug is actually a hemipene shed, which is basically the snake version of smegma. I don’t think females release anything similar since they don’t have the pouches where the hemipenes are stored. You might have a male on your hands and not a female. Can you try getting a picture of you popping it? Someone else will have to take a photo, or you could set your phone to record and get a screenshot of the recording.


Ok I’ll send one later tonight . I can only pop successfully baby bps
The whole role technique on adults I just can’t get it.
And thanks for the new Info. :exploding_head:

Just to be sure, as my phone doesn’t want to behave and let me zoom in, that isn’t a spur is it?

That is kinda what I thought at first but I am not sure. Can shed get stuck on spurs and come off later? Or can they break/fall off just from popping? :grimacing:


My thoughts exactly when I saw the size and shape on the OP’s pic.


I just zoomed in really close. It doesn’t look like a spur. Looks more like shriveled skin.


I can’t upload a video here for some reason. But here’s a pic . And yes it came out from inside .

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And the thing is that by the time I decided to take a pic it dried up. It’s actually folded if you look carefully. It was like yellow from where I pulled it and towards the bottom it was whitish

Took him today to a well known pet store and they taught me how to probe and it’s a male
I bought the probe set and tested it on all my bps and best thing ever. Thank you all for your help