Spider ball python questions

i have some questions about ball pythons and i was wondering if someone could help me

What questions do you have in particular?

i dont want a spider ball python or one with any in it ,but thers some morphs that are made with spider but have different names and i was wondering what some of them are and if pastel is made with a spider

Anything with “bee” in it has spider. Like a bumblebee, which is a pastel spider. A “spinner” is a pinstripe spider. I can’t think of any other combos off the top of my head though.

A plain pastel would not have spider in it.

While I understand and respect that you might not support the spider morph, and I’m not seeking to change your mind on them, but I do want to clarify some things for you.
They really aren’t as problematic as a lot of people might want you to think.

I keep several individuals and have bred them, and their wobble is little to none. I’ve also worked with ones that were poorly cared for, and had worse wobbles. The ones you see on YouTube videos speaking against spiders are typically ones that came from bad situations, or were purposefully stressed to exaggerate their wobbles for the camera.

If you provide the correct husbandry and keep their stress levels low, they do just fine. The only time mine show wobble is during feeding, and for a couple during handling since they’re just more stress prone.

If you have any other questions, we’d be happy to answer them for you.


i dont have anything against them and would love to get one in the future because their so beautiful but im just looking at my first ball python and just want to make sure i dont mess up with one that might need some special care ,the one im looking at is a Super Vanilla Pastel Pos Mojave, Butter Champagne Blonde Pastel Enchi, Pastel Champagne and i just wanted to make sure they didnt have any spider

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That’s fair, and perfectly understandable!

None of those have spider in them, but champagne is considered a wobble gene as well.


okay thank you so much!



do you think a butter champagne pastel blonde enchi would have a wobble or kinks

thank youuuu

I have a killer bee he pretty much is a spider he has no issues at all his strike is on point you just have to see how one acts before you purchase

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okay and also im going to an exotic pet expo soon and was wondering if there is anything i should know abut buying a ball python at one

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Blonde? I’m unaware of that morph.

he said the dad was a butter champagne blonde with a enchi pastel

No idea on that one. I don’t know of a blonde morph present in ball pythons.

i dont know ,im very new to ball pythons ,do you think its a scam or something

I don’t have the details to say it’s a scam or not, the seller could just be misinformed or accidentally misrepresenting the snake in question.

I don’t necessarily think it’s a scam, it could be the breeders own phrase for a certain combo or you possibly misheard him?

Either way, before you even buy a ball python I would spend some time researching morphs and familiarize yourself with some of the more common ones, co-dominant vs recessive morphs, etc. That way you can feel really comfortable with what you are buying and have a good plan.

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okay, good idea

There is a line of pastel called blonde pastel maybe that’s what he meant. There are several bloodlines of most morphs, most don’t have much of a difference just developed by different breeders. Most good breeders will tell you any info u ask. Ask if it has any wobble, most are honest in person anyway. Good luck! But be warned, ball pythons are like tattoos or potato chips. One is never enough!