Spider Enchi

Well, I know that isn’t a crazy animal but the snake has never missed a feeding and I will be paring her with my banana clown*banana clown

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I hope you the best of luck :blush:

As long as you enjoy what you produce then there is no reason for it to be crazy.
I’ll be shooting for a Banana Enchi Clown in a few years myself.
My main goals are a Lavender Albino Pinstripe and a Dreamsicle… Neither are difficult to come across on the market but they are the ones I like and want to work with.

I know I’m never going to be a Justin or Billy or Brandon so the 5-6 gene animals seem pointless for me to produce unless I like the look of them personally. I know I’m not going to be able to sell 100s of “missed” clutches, so the percentages arnt high enough for me to risk it. But if everything I produce is something I like then there is no “missed” clutches… If that makes sense.